Notes on: A third wave of autocratization is here: what is new about it? (L├╝hrmann & Lindberg, 2019)

Gradual and legally disguised erosion of democractic institutions

Notes on: Democracy Facing Global Challenges: V-Dem Annual Democracy Report 2019

The trend of autocratization continues

Notes on: DevOps with Docker

The absolute basics of Docker and an introduction to docker-compose

Notes on: DevOps with Kubernetes

An intro to more powerful containerisation tooling

Notes on: Eloquent JavaScript

This is a book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital.

Notes on: Full Stack Open 2020

Deep Dive Into Modern Web Development with the University of Helsinki

Notes on: Political Science and the Three New Institutionalisms (Hall & Taylor 1996)

An introductionary paper to the three main approaches to institutions in international relations

Notes on: Python for Everybody

A gentle introduction to a powerful tool

Notes on: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (Abelson & Sussman, 2002)

The classic introduction to programming with a Lisp

Notes on: The Global Expansion of AI Surveillance (Feldstein 2019)

Empirical evidence of the spread of AI-enabled surveillance tools