Hello there, you have found what I call my Exocortex. Building on the work of the awesome people at org-roam and wowchemy, I am able to publish my notes in a structured manner such that they might become useful to humans who are working on similar issues.

It is (and will remain indefinitely) work in progress. Some notes might lack any sophistication. Most of them are incomplete. If that bothers you or you want to start a conversation on some of the topics covered here, please send me a note at exocortex@sehn.tech

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Concept Notes

These are mostly written by me. I intent them to be self-explanatory and detailed. They also include indeces, i.e. collections of references and concepts that are relevant to a given topic.


Academic Workflow

This is how I digest and synthesise knowledge


Foucault’s understanding of disciplinary modes of power

Historical Institutionalism

a social sicence approach that emphasises timing, sequence and path dependence in its analysis of (the absence of) institutional change. Small events can have big impacts


Where the notion of something being ’normal’ comes from and what types of ’normalisation’ Foucault conceptualised


One cannot think without writing - Niklas Luhmann

Path Dependency

An important concept for understanding (the absence of) institutional change

Python Index

Where to find information regarding my journey with Python

Rational Choice Institutionalism

International Organisations are incentive structures

Sociological Institutionalism

Institutions as social structures composed of cultural-cognitive, normative, and regulative elements that provide stability and meaning to social life

Structural Functionalism

Society as a complex (biological) system

Reference Notes

These types of notes tend to much shorter. They either contain a summary/outline of a reference I find interesting or a collection of quotes from it. Sometimes they might simply include a link to another reference or concept.


Notes on: DevOps with Docker

The absolute basics of Docker and an introduction to docker-compose

Notes on: DevOps with Kubernetes

An intro to more powerful containerisation tooling

Notes on: Eloquent JavaScript

This is a book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital.

Notes on: Full Stack Open 2020

Deep Dive Into Modern Web Development with the University of Helsinki

Notes on: Political Science and the Three New Institutionalisms (Hall & Taylor 1996)

An introductionary paper to the three main approaches to institutions in international relations

Notes on: Python for Everybody

A gentle introduction to a powerful tool

Notes on: The Global Expansion of AI Surveillance (Feldstein 2019)

Empirical evidence of the spread of AI-enabled surveillance tools

Notes on: The Go Programming Language (Donovan & Kernighan, 2016)

If you want to program in Go, you should be reading this book

Turnkey Tyranny

What happens with all the surveillance infastructure if the government changes?